21 June 2024
1 year ago
Bronx 901 E 176th St. Confirmed male shot, aided not likely
Emergency services are at the scene of an accident with injuries on North Myrtle Avenue corner Commerce Street1 year ago
Emergency services are at the scene of an accident with injuries on North Myrtle Avenue corner Commerce Street
Report of a person assaulted, possibly not breathing, at 1402 Norton St
Rochester NYPD on scene of a reported shooting on Brown Street.
Former President Trump departs NYC courthouse without making comments after pleading not guilty to 34 felony charges.
The 9th Circuit Court of appeals just awarded Donald Trump $121,962.56 in attorneys fees from Stormy Daniels
Trump pleads not guilty to 34 counts of falsifying business records
Report of a person shot in the church parking lot at 719 Brown St Rochester
Trump pleads not guilty - 34 counts of falsifying business records in first degree
Donald Trump — the first former president in history to face criminal charges — has entered a New York courtroom to be arraigned and is expected to plead not guilty
Former President Trump enters the Manhattan Criminal Courtroom.
1 year ago
Brooklyn 531 Stanley Ave. Confirmed male shot in the leg, aided not likely
Aerial view of demonstrators gathered outside the U.S. Courthouse in lower Manhattan as the TrumpArraignment is set to begin inside
Former President Trump arrived for his arraignment and several hundred pro-Trump protestors gathered outside the courthouse
Aerial view shows former President Donald Trump arriving at a Manhattan courthouse for his arraignment.
Donald Trump is now under arrest in New York City ahead of his arraignment in court
The scene outside the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse. Former President Donald Trump inside now to face a judge on charges related to hush money payments to Storm Daniels
Former President Trump's motorcade leaves Midtown for the Manhattan Criminal Courts building.
Trump protest: Small group of former president's supporters, foes face off ahead of court appearance
Supporters and foes of former President Trump are gathering in a park in lower Manhattan near the courthouse where Trump is expected to be arraigned on criminal charges
The park across from Manhattan Criminal Court is currently a circus of protestors, attention-seekers, and a tsunami of worldwide media. NYPD has set up barricades separating pro- and anti-Trump demonstrators with about a five-foot wide buffer
1 year ago
Brooklyn 553 E 108th St. All hands transmitted, fire in a multiple dwelling
Trump indictment: Protesters clash near Manhattan courthouse
Manhattan 341 9th Ave. All hands transmitted, water main break
Massive media presence and lines of police outside the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse in New York
Anti and pro-Trump protesters in front of the Manhattan courthouse, divided by a fence and surrounded by hundreds of reporters
New posts from former President Donald Trump on his social media site Truth Social. Both posts are in all caps. He ends this post with “THE RADICAL LEFT DEMOCRATS HAVE CRIMINALIZED THE JUSTICE SYSTEM. THIS IS NOT WHAT AMERICA WAS SUPPOSED TO BE!”
Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg will hold a press conference after Trump's arraignment. The Office will issue a press release immediately following the arraignment with details of the charges
1 year ago
Bronx | 3569 Dekalb Ave. All hands transmitted, fire in a multiple dwelling.
Now reporting 4 total in custody who all need to go to HQ
Buffalo Police are chasing the possible shooting suspect. Started Bailey and Weston area. Now ditched the car at Doat and Steward 2 running
Cheektowaga 2000 Block of Walden in that area. Male stole money out of the register, fled on foot. Black male older, wearing a brown hoodie, black pants. No weapon displayed
The scene at Trump Tower in New York, where Donald Trump is staying overnight ahead of Tuesday’s arraignment in Manhattan. Barricades, NYPD and Secret Service outside the building now
1 year ago
Smoke filling the air as fire crews work to put out this house engulfed in flames on Chorley Wood Ct. in Mendon. Several agencies on scene of this massive house fire. House is completely destroyed
Former President Donald Trump has arrived in New York City, a day before he’s expected to be arraigned in court.
1 year ago
Two workers were killed at Kennedy International Airport on Monday when they were buried under construction rubble inside a trench