30 November 2023
Manhattan *All Hands* Box 0871. 325 W 52nd St off 9th Ave. Fire apt 1E 5 story 100x100
Manhattan 10-75 Box 871: Fire Location: 325 West 52 St Fire on the 1st floor B-9 All Hands extra Engine & Truck
1 month ago
Bronx *10-75* Box 2919. 1697 Clay Ave. Fire 1st floor
1 month ago
Bronx *10-77* Box 2284. 645 Westchester Ave off E 152 St. Fire apt 18E 21 story 50x150
Manhattan *10-77* Box 1405. 237 W 127th St. Fire apt 7B 14 story 100x100 HRFPMD
1 month ago
Man Shot in the Neck, Killed near Fort Green Park in Brooklyn
Second Street - Confirmed male shot Rochester, New York
Manhattan *Ped Struck by Train* Box 7008. BMT N line 5th Ave and E 59th St. Person removed from under the train
Buffalo EMS to 1210 E Delavan for a shooting
Manhattan All Hands Box 0158: Incident Location: 377 Greenwich Street Fire In A Fireplace Flue Of A 7-Story 100x100 Hotel.
Manhattan *All Hands* Box 0158. 377 Greenwich St off N Moore St. Fire in a fireplace flue of a 7 story hotel 100x100
Manhattan Canal St and 6th Ave.Confirmed assault in transit at Canal St station A/C/E line, aided not likely. Suspect is a m/h with a beard, 5’9” tall, wearing a blue hat, black and blue sweatshirt. Suspect fled topside and n/b on Canal St
Brooklyn All Hands Box 1853 3 Kiely Place fire top floor and cockloft…photos from citizens app not mine1 month ago
Brooklyn All Hands Box 1853 3 Kiely Place fire top floor and cockloft…photos from citizens app not mine
1 month ago
13-year-old was stabbed on a MTA City Bus (S78) near Hylan Blvd and Littlefield Ave on Staten Island.The young teen was rushed to Staten Island hospital in critical condition where the victim was pronounced deceased, police said.Incident occurred around
1 month ago
Brooklyn *All Hands* Box 1853. 3 Kiely Pl off Hemlock St. Fire from the roof
Buffalo Working Fire at 84 Ramona Ave 2 story wood frame, fire on the 1st floor. B-46 requested an additional 1 1
1 month ago
Bronx *All Hands* Box 2913. 961 E 174th St off Vyse Ave. Shed fire in the rear of a row of taxpayers
1 month ago
Brooklyn E 16th St and Avenue M.Confirmed person shot to the leg, aided not likely
1 month ago
Bronx 1095 Prospect Ave.Confirmed commercial robbery at gunpoint. Suspect is a m/b, 5’8” tall with a slim build, wearing a black mask, all black clothing
Lorenzo St. - Confirmed male shot in the back
1 month ago
Brooklyn *All Hands* Box 3325. 1520 E 13th St off Avenue O. Fire 2nd floor 5 story 75x125
Man dies in shooting on Portland Avenue
Rochester Police investigate homicide on Portland Avenue
RPD has been on scene since around midnight for a shooting that has developed into a homicide on Portland Ave. at Norton St.
Manhattan *10-75* Box 1689. 625 W 164th St. Fre 3rd floor 6 story 100x100 H-type
Buffalo EMS to 41 18th st for a confirmed shooting. Vic says it happened over at Winter and Hampshire
1100 block Portland Avenue - confirmed person shot - 2 suspects - starting K9
1 month ago
Brooklyn 10-75 Box 3896: Incident Location: 142 East 32nd Street Phone Alarm Reporting Fire In The Basement Of A Multiple Dwelling. BK/B41: Receiving A Report Of People Possibly Still Inside The Bulding
1 month ago
Brooklyn *All Hands* Box 3895. 142 E 32nd St Snyder-Tilden. Basement fire 2 story
1 month ago
Queens *10-75* Box 6710. Martin VanBuren High School 230-17 Hillside Ave. Transformer fire in the basement 4 story 200x250