14 July 2024
Roughly 300 people were arrested at Columbia University and City College Tuesday night, New York Mayor Eric Adams said.Follow along for live updates from campus protests across the country:
2 month ago
Bronx *10-75* Box 4913 2847 Webb Ave off Reservoir Ave BASEMENT FIRE 5 STORY 50X85
"Hamilton Hall is an active crime scene being investigated by the NYPD," writes a Columbia spokesperson, explaining why "media access to the campus is suspended."
2 month ago
Manhattan *10-75* Box 1725 503 W 176th St off Amsterdam Ave FIRE TOP FLOOR
Now outside Columbia NYPD's crime scene unit detectives heading back on campus
Officers took protesters into custody late Tuesday after Columbia University called in police to end the pro-Palestinian occupation on the New York campus
Columbia University's Hamilton Hall has been cleared of pro-Palestinian protesters who took over the building, police said
NYC Police clear protesters outside Columbia University, as they arrive on BEARCAT to begin the RAID on encampment and occupied building.
NYC MASS ARRESTS at CUNY City College after protesters push the police line and allegedly storm a building by the 'Liberated Zone' encampment
Mass Arrests INSIDE Columbia University as hundreds of policemen Flood to Clear the Encampment and the Occupied Hamilton Hall.
Pro Palestine student protesters and supporters ignite multiple flares creating a glowing red rally space with a massive police presence outside the Gaza Solidarity Encampment at City College of CUNY near Convent Ave and W 140th St in Manhattan, NYC.
Cheers from the crowd as protesters from Columbia University are arrested and transported out of campus via NYPD bus
Dozens of protesters are being escorted out of Columbia in handcuffs, and put onto NYPD buses. Police have flooded the streets, Columbia dorms are on lockdown
2 NYPD officers injured, man critically wounded in shooting in Chelsea
Man critically injured in police shooting in Chelsea; 2nd person in custody
2 month ago
Bronx 82 E 167th St.Confirmed male shot, aided not likely
Manhattan 202 W 24th St.Confirmed police-involved shooting, one suspect shot and is likely
Manhattan *10-77* Box 0719 225 E 36th St off 2nd Ave FIRE IN A PARKING GARAGE IN A 22 STORY HRFPMD
Columbia University says student protesters occupying Hamilton Hall face EXPULSION- students who do not commit to terms offered are NOW BEING SUSPENDED
Donald Trump must pay $9,000 in fines for violating the gag order nine times, Judge Juan Merchan ruled Tuesday. Merchan ruled Trump violated the gag order nine times for criticizing expected trial witnesses in posts on social media and his campaign page
2 month ago
Brooklyn All Hands Box 1683: Address: 1888 Pitkin Ave. Report of fire in commercial b'ldg. rubbish fire in junk yard B44: have HazMat respond for potential lithium ion battery B44: using 2 Engines & 2 FDNY Brooklyn
2 month ago
Brooklyn *ALL HANDS* Box 1683 1888 Pitkin Ave LI ION BATTERY FIRE
Man Gunned Down in Hoboken's First Deadly Shooting Since 2022 JERSEY
Washington University in St. Louis has reported that nearly 100 demonstrators were arrested at pro-Palestine protests on campus over the weekend
Law enforcement is STILL NOT ON SCENE after rioters OVERTOOK the entire Hamilton Hall at Columbia University. They're now proceeding to barricade the doors.
Hamilton Hall is officially OCCUPIED after protesters and students STORM into Columbia University Building, breaking windows and barricading inside
Palestinian flag seen inside Hamilton Hall after protesters and students STORM into Columbia University Building, breaking windows and barricading inside.Additional lawn has now also been occupied by Gaza Solidarity Encampment
Columbia University Riot - Hamilton Hall OCCUPIED Student protesters make human chain to secure building Barricading building for potential standoff with NYPD.
2 month ago
Brooklyn All hands Box 3721: Location: Winthrop St, East 98th Street Fire out the 4th Floor Windows Maybe: E E, E, E, E, Es/c T, L, L, L, Ls/c B44 D15 Q R RAC 1047 BCO - Phone Alarm Box, Fire in a MD. 1048 E283… FDNY Brooklyn
2 month ago
Brooklyn *10-75* Box 3721 Winthrop St and E 98th St FIRE 4TH FLOOR OUT THE WINDOWS 6 STORY
2 month ago
Bronx Fulton Ave and Claremont Pkwy.Confirmed person shot at the location
Columbia University Protesters have stormed and overtaken Hamilton Hall on the University grounds.According to BWOG, a member of facilities stated that he is being taken hostage inside Hamilton Hall
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square6 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square