14 July 2024
2 month ago
Brooklyn All Hands Box 1683: Address: 1888 Pitkin Ave. Report of fire in commercial b'ldg. rubbish fire in junk yard B44: have HazMat respond for potential lithium ion battery B44: using 2 Engines & 2 FDNY Brooklyn
2 month ago
Brooklyn *ALL HANDS* Box 1683 1888 Pitkin Ave LI ION BATTERY FIRE
Man Gunned Down in Hoboken's First Deadly Shooting Since 2022 JERSEY
Washington University in St. Louis has reported that nearly 100 demonstrators were arrested at pro-Palestine protests on campus over the weekend
Law enforcement is STILL NOT ON SCENE after rioters OVERTOOK the entire Hamilton Hall at Columbia University. They're now proceeding to barricade the doors.
Hamilton Hall is officially OCCUPIED after protesters and students STORM into Columbia University Building, breaking windows and barricading inside
Palestinian flag seen inside Hamilton Hall after protesters and students STORM into Columbia University Building, breaking windows and barricading inside.Additional lawn has now also been occupied by Gaza Solidarity Encampment
Columbia University Riot - Hamilton Hall OCCUPIED Student protesters make human chain to secure building Barricading building for potential standoff with NYPD.
2 month ago
Brooklyn All hands Box 3721: Location: Winthrop St, East 98th Street Fire out the 4th Floor Windows Maybe: E E, E, E, E, Es/c T, L, L, L, Ls/c B44 D15 Q R RAC 1047 BCO - Phone Alarm Box, Fire in a MD. 1048 E283… FDNY Brooklyn
2 month ago
Brooklyn *10-75* Box 3721 Winthrop St and E 98th St FIRE 4TH FLOOR OUT THE WINDOWS 6 STORY
2 month ago
Bronx Fulton Ave and Claremont Pkwy.Confirmed person shot at the location
Columbia University Protesters have stormed and overtaken Hamilton Hall on the University grounds.According to BWOG, a member of facilities stated that he is being taken hostage inside Hamilton Hall
100 block Alexander St. - male reportedly running up to the high school trying to set school on fire - he's currently trying to set trash on fire - RFD sees the suspect nearby, requesting
2 month ago
Brooklyn 10-75 Box 3637: Fire Location: 1315 Oriental Blvd Transformer fire B-43 we have leaking PCB and Wires Down FDNY Brooklyn
2 month ago
Brooklyn *10-75* Box 3637 1315 Oriental Blvd TRANSFORMER FIRE, LEAKING PCB and WIRES DOWN
2 month ago
Man fatally shot in Queens
2 month ago
Brooklyn *10-75* Box 3937 3702 Farragut Rd off E 37th StFIRE 1ST FLOOR PRIVATE DWELLING
2 month ago
Brooklyn All Hands Box 3930: Incident Location: 51 Junius Street Class 3, Terminal 13 - Valve Alarm In A Shelter. Box After Initial - Reporting Fire In Apartment 209.
Emerson and Fulton. Caller rptg shots fired
Englert Street - confirmed person stabbed - group was fighting with knives and golf clubs - RPD asking for AMR to step it up
Manhattan *10-77* Box 0396 60 E 8th St off Mercer FIRE APT 24E 34 STORY 140X100
Jay Street and Colvin Street - 34yr old male found deceased - RPD says this was possibly an OD
RGH has a male stabbed in the abdomen dropped off by private vehicle - victim says it happened on Flint Street
Frost Avenue - male stabbed Rochester, New York
Male stabbed by a known female - suspect lives on White House Dr. in Greece
2 month ago
Bronx Gun Hull Rd station 2/5 line.Confirmed person struck by the train, aided is DOA
Ellison Street - confirmed male stabbed by a female - clear in EMS - suspect is known female
Buffalo EMS to Grant and Garner for a stabbing. Happend at 424 Grant and there is a blood trail down to the corner
2 month ago
Baby Boy Found Dead in Apartment Building on STATEN ISLANDS
Buffalo Working Fire at Potomac and Ashland. 3 story ordinary, muti family building. Fire 3 side