21 June 2024
1 year ago
Bronx *All Hands* Box 2327. 853 Macy Pl off Prospect Ave. Balcony fire apt 7E
1 year ago
Queens 118-10 Queens Blvd. Confirmed robbery. Suspect is a m/h wearing a medical mask, black hat, black sweatshirt, black jeans, black shoes, carrying a Target bag
Police say an alleged argument on Culver Road resulted in the shooting and death of a 29-year-old Rochester man
1 year ago
1/28/2023 Queens All Hands Box 7999: Address: 40-69 Junction Blvd. Fire on the 1st floor of a MD
1 year ago
Queens *All Hands* Box 7999. 40-69 Junction Blvd. Fire 1st floor
Two people found shot at the Canal St Subway Station in Manhattan NYC. According to a witness, shooting occurred inside train. Suspect fled, no arrests at this time and NYPD is investigating the incident
Buffalo EMS to 311 May for a stabbing
Police are investigating a homicide Friday night on Culver Parkway near Bay Street
Buffalo EMS to E Delavan and Grider at the gas station for a male stabbed
Incident: Structure Fire Location: 405 Stone St. Date: 1-19-23 Time: 14:43 Companies Responding: E-1, E-2, E-3, T-1, R-1, Chief 3 Owner: Meira Shapiro, Manhattan, NY Situation Found: Structure Fire Cause: Under Investigation
Buffalo alarm of fire to 29 Geary St for a report of a structure fire
#Protesters stand off with the NYPD as police and SRG (Special Response Group) block off the road on W42nd Street and 10th Avenue in Times Square, following #TyreNicholsVideo Release Video by Ken Lopez @FreedomNTV FULL STORY
Rochester police is investigating a homicide that occurred here on Culver Road. Police officers responded for a male reported to be shot around 8:55 PM. Upon arrival a male showed up at Rochester General Hospital where he later died
1 year ago
Brooklyn Pitkin Ave and Miller Ave. PD o/s of a police vehicle accident, two injured officers and one civilian
1 year ago
GatesFD responding to Ford St for the vehicle into the garage with an unconscious driver. First arriving unit has remove the patient from the vehicle. Companies still on scene
NYPD arrests protesters at Times Square after video of Tyre Nichols beaten to death by policemen released
MULTIPLE ARRESTS in Times Square as a protester jumps on a cop car, smashing in window. Protest is following TyreNicholsVideo Release in Memphis showing a brutal, deadly beating by police officers
SCHOOL BUS CRASH: Police are investigating how a school bus crashed into a house in West Caldwell, New Jersey Friday morning. The crash happened at a home in the 200 block of Passaic Avenue. The bus was removed from the house around 11 a.m-PIX11 News
1 year ago
WATCH The Gates Police Department is providing an update on an arrest made in connection to a Jan. 15 hit-and-run on Elmgrove Road that took the life of a local woman
1 year ago
Brooklyn 85 Tompkins Ave. All hands transmitted, fire in a multiple dwelling
1 year ago
Brooklyn *10-77* Box 0364. 85 Tompkins Ave. Fire apt 8B in a 16 story 100x50
1 year ago
1/27/2023 Staten Island All Hands Box 0461: Address: 141 Park Hill Avenue Fire on the 1st floor of a MD
RPD Arson Taskforce is investigating after fatal fire on Hancock Street
1 year ago
Staten Island *All Hands* Box 0461. 141 Park Hill Ave. Contents fire in the lobby
Manhattan E 73rd St and 2nd Ave. Confirmed gunpoint robbery, two in custody. One outstanding suspect is a m/b wearing all black clothing
There was a call for a domestic dispute before the fatal fire on Hancock Street. The RPD Arson Task Force is investigating the fire
WATCH Rochester Police is speaking about the fatal house fire on Hancock Street
Manhattan *All Hands* Box 0309. 512 Broome St. Fire in a commercial bldg
1 year ago
D #Buffalo #TrafficAlert - Chaplin Drive near Starin Ave is open again after an early morning fire - crews have finished clean up operations there
A #Buffalo #TrafficAlert from @TotalTrafficBUF - structure fire has closed Chaplin Drive between Park Rd & Starin Ave - avoid that area